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The marketing department is vital to any business and ours is no different. From Design and Photography to coming up with product campaigns, being part of the Marketing team give you a chance to draw on your imagination, develop your skillset and get your passion for the Sports Direct brand seen by millions across the UK and Europe.

Katalin Edwards - Marketing

Previous to starting with the company in 2010, I had been doing ecommerce photography part-time after graduating, and wanted something more permanent. I relocated away from my hometown for the job and from the first day everyone here made me feel welcomed and supported.

From the very beginning this company has thrown me in at the deep end and challenged my abilities, from a shoot in an abandoned London tube station to aerial shots from a helicopter. I have photographed everything from brand campaigns, corporate headshots and events to celebrity ambassadors. This varied role has developed my abilities, my confidence and my decisiveness and has genuinely improved me as a person and a practitioner.

As the company has grown, the department has evolved a great deal, and in 2013 I was promoted to Photography Manager, giving me many more responsibilities. is a company where you get what you give. They reward hard work and offer great opportunities. The company is ever expanding and changing whilst still retaining a family feel and I look forward to my next chapter.

About you

A Marketing szerepkörök annyira a kereslet, van szüksége, hogy a legjobb, hogy mit csinálsz. Önnek képesnek kell lennie bizonyítani jó tapasztalat, és tudniuk kell igazolni a kreativitás. Szükséged lesz, szenvedélyes márkáink és volna a képesség-hoz összeköt minket az ügyfeleink.

The application process

You will need to fill in a few details online including your contact information and career history, you will also be asked to upload your CV.

If selected you will be invited to attend an interview process that may vary dependant on the role or department applied for.

Marketing munka

A marketing szerepkörök head irodánkban, Lincolnshire, ezen az osztályon elengedhetetlen, hogy az üzleti, ez befolyásolja a televíziós reklámok, ablak és a készlet. Ez igazán tesz különbséget a sport közvetlen nagy szerepet.

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